My First Post as an SFI Writer: My Introduction

    Hello everybody! My name is Jalen Soper, and I have just recently applied to write for SFI. As you can see, that application was accepted, and now I’m here writing a blog post every Monday and Wednesday just for you guys! Today’s post is just a little introduction. I’ll give you a little bit of background information about myself, and about what I plan to do as a writer at SFI.

About Me
    A few years ago, I started getting very involved in all of the latest tech news. The iPod Touch 3rd generation had just come out, Vlogs were getting big, and the Flip HD was the hottest new camera. In the heat of all this excitement, I received one of those coveted iPod Touches as a birthday present! Exciting right? Well, then Christmas rolled around and what did you know, I got a Flip HD camera too! So what did I do? The only thing I could. I started a YouTube channel called SuperTouch101. I posted videos for almost a month solid, and even started a blog to go along with it. While this was great, I became to preoccupied with other things in my life, so both my channel and blog went down in flames. In the last month, I have revamped that same channel, creating new videos, and deleting the old ones. Along with that, I started a new blog. These ventures have proven successful in the month that they have been around so I am extremely excited about that. 

What to Expect
    As a writer at SFI, I have a lot in store for the two days a week that I will be writing here. I will deliver the latest tech news to the best of my ability, and with all the effort I would put into a post on my own blog. One thing you should know about me is that I love mobile technology. It is just the most interesting thing to me. That said, I will be posting a bulk amount of news about mobile technology! This includes smartphones, tablets, phablets, mobile applications, and just about anything your mind can think up about mobile tech. I know this may get tiring after a while, so whatever news Curtis (the founder of SFI) doesn’t cover in his posts during the week, I will strive to deliver to you guys as well. There will also be the occasional “vlog” created just for my posts on this blog, and nowhere else!
    So that is just a little bit about what’s to come for my future here at SFI. I am really looking forward to writing for this blog, and delivering to a new audience! To see more about me and check out my blog and YouTube channel, click the links below! 
My YouTube:
Follow me on Twitter @_JSoper:


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