Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 was recently launched for iOS and android. When I first heard about this, I just had to get it right away on my iPhone. It turns out the the game will not play properly on older hardware of iPhone. I have the iPhone 3gs and trying to play this game with that device was horrible. During game play, I couldn’t jump in time to catch the first rope due to lag. After trying for a while and failing so many times, I decided to uninstall the game, and I left a 2 star review on the app store because I was disappointed that the game would not work on older hardware.
Fast forwarding a week later the game was released for Android. Then I decided to give the game another try, but this time on q device that can handle the game. My nexus 7. At a first glance I can see how much the game had evolved. The graphics, the scenery has all been rethought of and made into something great. In Temple Run 2 you are in a completely new temple. There’s so much more than there was in this game then there was in the previous game, like completely new obstacles like ropes, underground tunnels, big turning things that I have no idea what they are. Other editions to the game are completely new though of challenges, and power ups.
One thing I really like about this game is that there is now more to do in this game. You are given 3 goals, and when you complete these goals, you gain progress into levelling up to the next level. By this, it makes you addicted to the game.
Overall, this game is a very solid update from the previous temple run. This is a must get 5/5. That is unless you are running on old hardware.

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