Asus M5A97 Motherboard Unboxing

     I bought the Asus M5A97 Motherboard for my “Project Vishera” computer build. This is a AMD AM3+ socket motherboard, meaning that this is capable of both AM3, and AM3+ CPU socket types.

     When I was looking for a motherboard, I was looking for a affordable, and one that will be able to fur fill all my needs for what I intend to use this computer for.

     This motherboard stood out to me, because it is made by Asus, and it’s a more modern motherboard with the UEFI BIOS, meaning that it has a better user interface, and it is capable of using the mouse while in the BIOS. Because this motherboard is made by Asus, it stood out to me as having a high positive reviews on all the websites I looked for this motherboard on. I found that it has received many positive ratings.

     The only thing that I wish I would have overlooked on this motherboard is the compatibility of graphics cards. When I did a bit more research on this motherboard, I learned that this motherboard only supports Crossfire, instead of SLI. The difference being that Crossfire is support for multiple AMD Graphics cards, and SLI is support for multiple Nvidia Graphics cards. For my build, I knew I wanted a Nvidia graphics card, because those cards better support the operating system; Linux. Now knowing that I will not be able to have 2 Nvidia graphics cards in my rig, I am a bit disappointed, but; I don’t intend to add a graphics card for some time.


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