AMD FX 6300 Processor Unboxing

     Project Vishera is based on this processor. The AMD FX series codenamed “Vishera” is AMD’s newest model of processors, which are part of their “Bulldozer” line of processors. I chose the six core processor because I believe that this is an excellent processor for the uses I have for this computer. The CPU is basically the main part of the system. It’s the brain, which transfers all information through out the whole computer. I don’t intend to be gaming too much on this system, otherwise I would have chosen Microsoft Windows 7 as the main operating system. So, my main use for this system is to further my knowledge on the Linux operating system, as well as getting to build my fist computer.

     One thing I would like to mention about this processor compared to Intel processors. One of the main differences that’s completely obvious is that AMD processors have pins on the processor itself, where as Intel processors do not. Some believe that AMD is behind in technology because of this, but AMD or Intel, don’t complain about the two. Both of them make excellent processors.

     Something I would like to share about the build I had with this processor. The Stock CPU fan would just not easily fit on to the processor to keep it cool. I couldn’t get the thing to clip onto the motherboard. When I took off the CPU fan, the processor came with the fan, straight out of the socket. This at first scared me, because I had locked it, and I hoped that I haven’t just broken the processor. When I looked at the processor, I saw that it had 4 bent pins. So… What I had to do was straighten the 4 pins on the processor. Manually go onto the processor, and straighten the 4 tiny microscopic pins on a processor. I actually found this a lot of fun. Like I think this is what I want to get into later in life. Not straightening pins, but Microprocessors. It interest me.


2 thoughts on “AMD FX 6300 Processor Unboxing

  1. I did the same thing with my AMD six core 920.I was horrified, then I couldn't keep my hands still to straighten out the pins.Eventually I used a grounded 8" kitchen Japanese knife to bend the pins back. I found it very difficult to see the pins, my eyes kept moving off the bent ones. It was very strange. I tried to find my magnifying glasses, but no luck. Anyways, it ended well. The CPU was a tight fit but I managed to get it in.I didn't find it as much fun as you seemed to.

  2. Really. My hands were very still and I was very calm. I was able to see the pins on the CPU easily, I just had to look. I was not worried on bit while playing with my CPU. This made me get more interested in Micro-processing engineering/electrical engineering. Thanks for the comment.

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