Ballistix Sport RAM (8GB) Unboxing & Overview

     For my intentions with this computer I think that 8GB of RAM is a good choice. At first I was thinking about getting 16GB, but didn’t want to pay the extra money for that. I bought this from a friend of mine, and got a good deal on this RAM so that is why I actually went with this RAM instead of others. I figured that this is good for what I need it for, and its at a good enough price that its worth choosing this over something else.

     The type of RAM this is, 240 Pin DDR3 SDRAM. I have 2 sticks of these, so that makes each of these 4GB each. This runs in a Duel channel, meaning that well it uses both at the same time, instead of using one at a time, or using three if I had another one. This RAM has a 1.5 Voltage. This RAM runs at 1333MHz.

     Ballistix RAM


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