Nike’s Relationship with Google

   Nike recently announced that they will not be bringing native support for their Nike+ products to the Android platform. Why is this? It could be due to the already ready to go system support for Apple, or maybe it’s due to the fact that Tim Cook is on Nike’s board of directors! **conspiracy alert**
 In all seriousness, this lack of support that Nike is giving to Android is getting quite irritating. I know that a lot of people may find this ridiculous, but for a very active person like myself it becomes tedious to have to decide between my iPod and my phone when I go on a run. Sure, there is the web method, but that can be irritating as well. I have to go inside, take off my FuelBand, plug it into the computer, go to the correct website, log in, sync the FuelBand, THEN finally check my stats. That is rediculous! Why is this necessary?
  This strenuous process is necessary due to Nike’s stubbornness to move past Apple. With Tim Cook representing Nike though, it’s not a surprise. Selfish move… For now it looks like Android users will have to wait, and I’m stuck using my iPod. A necessary sacrifice to stay in shape! (Random end of post tangent)

4 thoughts on “Nike’s Relationship with Google

  1. I think another company like Adidas will see this and make a move.

  2. In all honesty, nobody wants an Adidas FitStrap. Yeah, I just made a product up. Haha. Nike has a monopoly in that business for major companies at least. Now the FitBit and things like that which are compatible on both platforms have my full attention. I will be picking one of those up very spoon, but will use it along side my FuelBand. At least for the first while.

  3. Great article. This is one of the many reasons I don't like Apple. They are a greedy selfish company that ONLY thinks of taking over the world. In a Apple world, it is corrupt. I do hope that Google will do something of their own, or take Motorola to the next level for Android and these bands. Nike as a company, is just as selfish as Apple. I learned about how the company works, both Apple and Nike, and to tell you the truth, both companies are corrupt. I wouldn't ever want to work for a corrupt company.

  4. I 100% agree. Granted I have a few Apple products that I love dearly. Working for them is a whole different story though. I know a few people who work at Nike, and I heard that that isn't that bad, only because the corruptness doesn't run too deep. Just at an executive level. The FuelBand is a great little gadget though!

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