Corsair TX650 Unboxing Overview

When it comes to power supply units, I know that this is especially not the place to cheap out on. When I was choosing the power supply for my computer build “Vishera” I knew the standards I really wanted for this computer. For the computers I build, I will always have standards for some of the builds, especially if the computer I build will be intended to be used on a daily basis. My standards for computer building are:
Must be a modular power supply.
Must be over the wattage recommended from PSU calculators.

I have these standards for few reasons. As I say in many of my videos and on more recent post I am one who hates wires, and cords all over, making a clutter. Not only does it look bad in the case, there are many other reasons too for clutter that are bad in general. One reason is that it prevents the computer from getting as much air flow. A computer needs to breathe otherwise the computer components will eventually over heat. My second reason is because when you are building a computer, it is harder for movement when building, or tinkering around in the guts of the computer. Say if you wanted to add another hard drive, but your case is completely cluttered, it will make it hard for you to move your hands freely around the computer case, therefore making a risk for bad things to happen like static discharge on a computer component. That’s a reason why I always use a anti static wrist band when building a computer.

The reason I will always want to go over the recommended wattage when choosing a power supply, is because I like to think of future proofing the computer before hand. It would be a pain to disconnect everything from the power supply unit and reconnect them. Thou it would not be as bad as changing the motherboard where you literally have to take everything apart and put it back together again. It’s better to get a power supply now with more wattage, that can handle an upgrade if you ever decide to make one, than to get a new part and figure out that you will need more power in the computer and have to buy another power supply along with the new part, therefore making you loose some more money because of the choice you made while building the computer in the first place.

Though that the power supply was about $60 more than what my friend use for his power supply, I am happy with the choice I made with mine, because it lives up to my standards. So, if you are looking for a power supply, need help or want some suggestions, please leave a comment below, and I can assist you as soon as I can. Hey, if you been reading this far, thanks. Remember to share this with all your friends. Maybe they might need some help building a computer sometime, or will find this useful.


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