Rumor: Is the Apple Smartwatch on its Way?

    Apple has not released much information regarding its smartwatch, which I will will refer to here forth as the “iWatch”. But, in a post earlier this week from Bloomberg they state that the device may in fact be past the initial stages of experimentation.

The smartwatch trend has really taken off since the release of the Sony Smartwatch a while back. With the Pebble Smartwatch already being shipped to it’s kickstart backers, this chapter in the large book of technology is growing immensely. The growing rate of this industry indicates a very large chance that Apple is indeed working on their own smartwatch.

Reliable sources reported to Bloomberg recently that a team of over 100 people is in place to take the iWatch to the next level. With a team this big, the iWatch just HAS to be in testing stages. Apparently (and this is 100% based on posts by others) a couple of people have come forth saying that the iWatch will actually do computing tasks which are commonly found in the iPhone and iPad. This has me wondering, will this iWatch just be a glorified version of the 6th generation iPod Nano with a permanent strap? And will the interface be that of the nano as well? Maybe so.

Either way it goes, revamped nano or a brand new device with completely unique features, the iWatch will be one heck of a device. Now as to the price, I have no idea. Apple’s prices tend to be on the high side due to the quality of the device, but as a completely new idea, who can say. My bet is that it will be a lot higher than the price of the Pebble Smartwatch. The wait for the iWatch could be very long, or maybe it will be released by the start of the summer along side of the iPhone 5s. What’s to say except for that I hope it’s worth the wait!


2 thoughts on “Rumor: Is the Apple Smartwatch on its Way?

  1. Great post today. I do know that the Nano was basically used as a watch, but an actual watch would be a great thing. It has been invented before, so it's not completely a new idea, but Apple will make people think it is and that they created it. Apple trends. Actually, in my engineering club, Motorola came to my school and asked the club to design user interfaces for their watches that run Android. It was fun to do so, but I wasn't much part of it because I suck at designing art. Depending on what the watch will be able to do, and how its done, I think those are some questions to be considered.

  2. All that has been reported is that it will do "computing tasks" performed by the iPad and iPhone. They will make money even if it was a hunk of cardboard, just because they're Apple. lol

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