Crucial m4 Solid State Drive

When it came to it, I was unsure of getting a Solid State Drive at first. I am not a performance guru that believes that I need the most out of everything. At first I was just thinking a SSD is much smaller for more money but the best performance. But when I thought of it, and listened to the roomers of the greatness of having a SSD in the computer, I couldn’t resist getting one. Though it is a lot of money for less space, when I finally used the SSD with my choice of operating system; I was amazed by how fast the computer was compared to any other computer I have ever used.

I was glad that I was able to use, and own a SSD for the first time, and actually getting to use the computer for myself. This opened me up to a whole new era of technology; an experience that I have not encountered before. Everything I opened on the computer every application or document was instantaneously opened. This was something I was not used to, especially with the computers I currently owned at the time. My MacBook may be the 2nd slowest computer I have ever used, and my Windows PC being something excellent for basic usage, like web browser. I was glade to now have a computer that preforms as well as more modern computers.

Adding an SSD is great for those who are looking for performance. For those who want fast results with anything you will be doing, especially with software that uses more resources than basic applications. However, if you are a basic user, or you need a lot of space on your computer, I would not recommend getting a SSD in your computer, unless you are buying a computer with it already installed, like a laptop, or hybrid PC. If you are unsure of what the heck you want, you should just throw in the extra money to have your computer future proofed. Your computer will last longer than those with the traditional hard drive. With SSD’s, there are no moving parts, therefore making there less of a risk of mechanical error, or overheating. Although if you are unsure of what you will be the best choice because you will want to use both more resource software, and still have a lot of space for files, I would highly recommend getting both. This is what I am currently doing. My computer, codenamed Vishera is running on two hard drives. The SSD is the main storage unit that holds all the main software, including the operating system. The other storage unit being the 1TB HDD that holds all the files. This is great for holding the video files, and all the school documents. Believe me, this actually gets filled up pretty fast the way I use it; and as my work continues, I will be expecting to get another hard drive soon.

If you are building your own computer, and you are unsure of something, please leave a comment down below. SFI would be happy to assist anyone looking for help.



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