Let’s Play!

This is actually a little bit early for me to be rolling this out; I was planning on launching this out within a few months, but the recent success and temptation has made me want to carry on.

One thing I always wanted to launch here on SFI’s Youtube Channel was Let’s Play’s commentaries of full game plays. Not that I have a computer powerful enough to play all the modern games, thanks to Project Vishera, I can start doing what I always wanted to do.

Starting this weekend, I will be uploading game plays. These videos will only be uploaded on the weekends, unless I am bombarded with content, that needs to be released. I am starting with the old game Half-Life. This game was recently released on Steam for Linux, and with the recent sale that Valve gave to it’s Linux users, it was tempting not to buy a bunch of games.

The footage of the games will not be flawless at first. As I say in my first Let’s Play, I have yet to find a good desktop recording application that can record HD content, along with the sounds in the game, as well as my own commentary. So, at first until this issue is resolved, I will be using my Nikon Coolpix S6000. If you have a suggestion for the best recording software, please leave a comment below. Much obliged.

So, there’s my little update. More content on my Youtube Channel. Thanks for reading.


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