Western Digital 1TB Hard Drive Unboxing/Overview

When it comes to having more space, mechanical hard drives are the best option, for one soul reason. The price. Unlike SSD’s where you will pay about $80 for a 64 GB SSD, with a mechanical hard drive, you can get closer to 1TB of storage for the same price. When it comes to a user wanting to add a lot of videos, pictures, and music on their computer, it basically excludes a SSD unless you are wealthy enough to get TB’s of SSD’s storage. Most of us are not, however. When it comes to businesses, or servers of the sort, mechanical hard drives are the way to go.

For my computer build, I decided to get a Western Digital Black edition 1 TB Mechanical hard drive. I knew that this was the best option for me because I knew exactly what I will want to be doing on my Vishera build. The HDD that I chose was a black edition hard drive; they are sort of color coded, where certain colors are better for certain things. Black is a high performance more for gaming, or video editing. Green is for a constant use like servers, or video severance cameras. And there are many other colors out there too.

Mechanical hard drives also come in different speeds. If you notice that some of them all have different RPM’s, or revolutions per minute. Most standard ones come in 7,200 RPM, but some higher performance ones come in over 10,000 RPM. The faster the disc spins, the faster it can read, or write to the hard drive making things faster; and the down side too, the louder it is.

Sometimes it is good to mix hard drives. Adding a SSD and a HDD to a single computer is sometimes the better option, because the performance with SSD’s is flawless, while the HDD’s have more storage for the cheaper price. For a user like me, who doesn’t use too much software, but also have a lot of videos saved on my computer for future uploads and backup, including all the school documents I get, I am one who is in the market for something fast, and something that can have some storage for me. My software and operating system and some games are all installed on my SSD, therefore making the best performance for the software; the main parts of what I use the computer for. My Mechanical hard drive is excellent for keeping the larger files, the ones that the SSD would be complexly full before I know it. Mixing them together is a great choice, and in my future builds, for both the computers I build for myself and the computers that I build for other people, I will always recommend getting both SSD and a HDD. At least until the price of a SSD goes down, comparabele to a HDD. As we advance in technology, SSD’s will cost less, and soon enough, HDD’s will be the thing of the passed.

If you are looking for a new storage unit, and you are unsure of what to get, SFI will be able to help. Leave a comment down below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Share this post, and we may be able to help your friends with computer builds too.


2 thoughts on “Western Digital 1TB Hard Drive Unboxing/Overview

  1. I like the idea of having both SSD and regular HD in the same machine. I momentarily thoughts of getting an SSD when I was getting a new HD a few months ago but decided against it just yet.

  2. Actually no matter if someone doesn’t understand then its up to other people that they will help, so here it takes place.

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