My Feelings About the Ubuntu Tablets

Canonical released more information on Ubuntu powered tablets following the “tablet time” countdown yesterday. I was really excited to see that HTC had almost the exact same countdown clock as Ubuntu did. My thoughts were that maybe they had a full fledged Ubuntu tablet coming down the line already, but sadly the did not. Ubuntu did release Ubuntu FOR tablets though. That for in the midst of the title is what gives me conflicting feelings about this new interface.

With all these new Android tablets rolling down the line at a high rate, it is tough to compete. The Blackberry Playbook (which we could see an update of) doesn’t stand a chance even with the release of the Blackberry Z10. Introducing new operating systems into this market is like walking right out into the middle of heavy gunfire and hoping that you get lucky enough to make it to the other side. Google is the prime example of these Android tablets. Both the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10 have been very successful and are continuing their reign as the two of the top tablets on the Android market. Not to mention Google is the mastermind behind Android itself.

Why go on this tangent about Android tablets? Well, because that’s right where Ubuntu for tablets will be available. I was disappointed to see that there wasn’t a full fledged Ubuntu tablet from HTC, but not surprised. With no prior public experiences of a mobile interface for Ubuntu, the people have no motivation to buy an Ubuntu tablet. I guess that is untrue, considering that there are thousands of Ubuntu Linux users in the world, but you get my point. The Ubuntu website displays the Google Nexus 10 with the brand new tablet interface on it’s screen. While it is very cool that they chose this tablet as the flagship device for this interface, I am surprised that Google agreed to it. But at the same time, I’m not..

The way that Ubuntu lays it down in their promo video is that Ubuntu for tablets is the most elegant, beautiful, and smoothly running operating system around. I find that to be a contradiction and a chop to Google. Considering that Android is their operating system, I personally would be offended by somebody stating that their user experience is better than mine. Especially if it ran on my tablet. I think that’s just why Google didn’t disagree to it though. Ubuntu runs on their tablet. If people still have to buy their tablet to use Ubuntu’s interface, how is it affecting them? They turn just as big of a profit, minus the Play Store purchases and other tiny things people may buy via Android.

So those are my thoughts. Google loses little profit, and Canonical makes some. It’s a win win situation in the end. These are just my feelings on the subject. If your opinions differ, feel free to leave a comment below!


2 thoughts on “My Feelings About the Ubuntu Tablets

  1. The idea of an Ubuntu tablet is very pleasing to me, as I am one who likes to have options.

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