ChromeBook Pixel

Earlier this week Google announced the ChromeBook Pixel, a $1,299 Laptop for the Chrome Web Browser. Now why the heck would Google release a computer this expensive? Well let’s take a look at the machine first. The Pixel has beyond a retina display  of 2560-1700 Resolution screen, making it the most PPI (Pixels per inch) laptop on the market to date. Along with the stunning resolution, its built with a touch screen. More about the why I believe there is a touch screen later. The specs of the computer are beyond what one would need for just browsing the web. There is a Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM, and a 32GB SSD. These specs, of course are beyond what one would need to run the internet, more about this later too. So, I’m actually in a little bit of question about why this computer was made, but I have an idea of why, and would love to share my ideas why I think.

“For What’s Next”

This is the hint that Google is giving us about why this computer was made. With this, Google is saying that this computer is not for now, but is has got to do with something that Google has planned for this computer. Google has things up their sleeves, and as a company who is inspiring innovation for the world with Google Glass, Driver less cars and heavily invested in Green energy, I have no doubt in Google that this new ChromeBook will also inspire something different. There has always been talk about Google Chrome OS and Android merging, but at that point, they probably wasn’t ready yet. Now, with Google Chrome OS being touch ready, Google may be taking the next step into making this a reality.


Web to the Next Level

Google may be trying to take the web to the next level. The web is Google’s specialty and it’s the whole concept of Chrome OS. If you didn’t know already, Google has a Chrome OS App store, where Web Apps are sold. Maybe this is Google’s move to move to the next level for the web, and taking web apps as far as I can imagine. There may be a day in our lives where software on computers, like Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, Photoshop and Dreamweaver will not even need to be based on the computer anymore, and will be based on just the web. Many companies are moving to the cloud these days like Google (of course), Microsoft, Apple, and even software companies like Adobe. Lots of software the just the basic user that they would have needed a decade ago, like Microsoft Word, are not needed anymore because of the internet. Google may push software on the web to the next level, and that may be why they want to inspire touch screens and good hardware for this project.

What are your thoughts on the ChromeBook Pixel? Why do you think it was made?


4 thoughts on “ChromeBook Pixel

  1. Hmm, honestly when I first read about it a few days ago, I thought it was stupidly overpriced. Now based on it being perhaps something up the sleeve of Google, I may be wrong. I will be keeping tabs on this thing and see how things work out.

    • Yes. Google with the tag line, “For what’s next” means that they have something in mind for the future for this computer. Or so, I hope they do.

  2. I hope they do as well

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