Project Vishera Conclusion

desktopProject Vishera

     This is the first computer that I ever built, and in this post, I’d like to share this computer build with the world. So, to start off this post, I’d like to explain why I decided to build this computer, because as long as I thought about it, I didn’t need to get a new computer. In fact, for my uses for work and school, a old computer can do just fine, because all I need to do with a computer (as for work and school) is internet, nothing more than that. I felt the urge to build a more powerful computer for 2 reasons. Steam, and experience.

     I wanted the experience with building a computer before the desktop was completely dead. As of now, yes desktops are dying, and being replaced by Hybrids, and tablets. There may come a day where we don’t need any desktops anymore, and before that day comes, I needed the experience with building a computer for myself. Steam was the second reason I wanted to build this computer. Though I’m not a gamer anymore, (I used to be a hardcore gamer) I wanted a computer that could handle the games on Steam, so from time to time, I can relax with a fun game. This is the year for Linux, and other operating systems are not the only ones in the market now; by Valve developing Steam for Linux, it has opened up many more doors for people like me to play their games.

     Why did I install Linux on this computer. Well in short, I can’t stand OS X (Hackintosh) and Windows 8 is not good without a touch screen. I’m not saying it’s bad, just not good if you don’t have a touch screen. I had a budget for this build, and if I went with a touch screen, that would be about 3/4 of my budget gone. Touch screens are way to expensive to build computers.

     Here you can see my post explaining the hardware for this computer.

My Experience Building:

During this build, I had an excellent time. Though there were some problems that I encountered with this build. The first one was that the stock AMD fan would just not go onto the motherboard to cool the CPU. I tried to put it on, but no matter what, that thing would not go on. It had pre applied thermal paste on the heat sink, so when it touched the processor, it stuck to it; when I learnt that the fan would not go on, I pulled it up, along came the CPU. At first this scared me, so I un-stuck it from the fan, and tried to put it back on the socket, but, it did not fit as it should. 4 pins were bent on the AMD CPU. This, scared me even more, because I thought that I just broke a $120 Processor. I had to fix it, and this is the exciting part. While trying to unbend the pins, usually people would be nervous, because they know that if they break off a pin, it’s possible that the processor is broken for good. But I was calm, and enjoying the task. I used a sewing needle to unbend the pins, and though it did take me about 2 hours to unbend 4 pins, I had fun with it, and wanted to do more with processors. This raised my interest in Microprocessors.

     I also didn’t want to try that heat sink again, so I went to the closest MicroCenter in my area, and really enjoyed the visit I had there. The store was very organized, and very helpful. While asking questions, getting answers for building a computer with a sales person, I didn’t feel like I was treated like an idiot like some other stores, and I wasn’t nagged by someone who ask me about my Phone, or internet connection, or someone trying to sell me something. No, I really enjoyed the visit, and would go back there. They offer great deals on some items that you can’t find online. So, if I’m going to build another computer this is where I will go. Here I decided to get the Corsair H60 water cooler. Though I had a bit of trouble with putting this on, I figured out that you can apply some questionable pressure to the CPU while it’s in the socket.

     In conclusion I got more out of this computer than I expected. I’ve gained an interest in Micro processing engineering, I discovers an excellent technology store, I gained an experience with building a computer before desktops die, and I gained content to post to this site, making SFI what it is today. Though, I’m still working on what SFI actually is, because it’s not merely just another tech news site NOOO, because that would be boring. The web doesn’t need more of those, so I’m discovering more ways to make SFI different than others.


4 thoughts on “Project Vishera Conclusion

  1. Glad you shared your building experience with us. As much as I don’t like it, it is true that desktops are being replaced by other things. I have rebuilt computers in the past, but to really upgrade parts is something I haven’t done as of yet.

    I agree with you that UbuntuStudio is a nice distro I have had some curiosity regarding it as well. I also have a friend who is a professional audio engineer so it looked like something right up his alley. I look forward to reading and seeing more of your posts and I wish you well. Thanks again!!

    • That’s great. UbuntuStudio actually is aimed more towards audio people. It comes with so many audio programs, so if you’re friend is into that, it’s an excellent choice being the software that comes installed.
      I will do my best to keep posting more about computer components. I’m glade you liked it.

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