What is the Best iPad for Education?

What is the best iPad for education? I’m currently a second-year university student and I have a MacBook Pro 13″ from 2010.I want to change to an iPad, but don’t really know which model to buy: an iPad mini with 32 GB, or an iPad 4 with 16 GB?The main reason for my switch is mobility. Bringing an iPad with me is much easier than always taking the MacBook with me.” Asked on Lockergnome

This I find to be a good question, because as the world is changing, so is the way we learn. Apple in the passed has offered great tools for students to learn with like the iPad. But what iPad would be the best for education? This depends on your desires and needs for a tablet, and how you like to use a tablet. Price is a issue with this purchase; then you might probably want to go with something cheaper like the new iPad mini or a refurbished or possibly used iPad. Preferably something above the third generation iPads. With the recent release of iOS 6 which came to iPhone, iPad and iPod devices, the 1st generation iPad was not compatible with this update, therefore Apple no longer supports this device anymore. With this being said, I feel that Apple will soon enough; not be supporting the iPad 2, therefore making it a not as good of a buy as other iPads.

If storage is something you will need, and money is not an issue with you, you might want to wait for Apple to release the newer 128GB iPads, just so you can store anything and everything you would ever need on the tablet. You should put into consideration the accessories you would need, like a cover, or a keyboard for when you need to type papers out. These may add much more to the cost of the complete bundle for education, so this might change your mind about getting the newest and greatest. A 3rd Generation iPad is still an excellent tablet. It’s still rocking Apple’s Retina display, but the only downside to this is that it’s still using the 32-pin connector. Though, this is not much of a big deal, especially if you currently do not have the new iPhone or any other devices that use the new lightning adapter.


One thought on “What is the Best iPad for Education?

  1. Actually, they should call it the Ipaid!!!!

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