Cheap iPhone Rumored for August/September Release Alongside iPhone 5S


A few sources have reported that Apple is working on a cheaper iPhone to launch with the normal iPhone 5S. Most people with the information believe the cheap iPhone will be on the China Mobile, a major wireless provider in China. They also serve Hong Kong (part of China) and Pakistan. The phone is reported to be constructed of a polycarbonate plastic. These reports have been denied by Phil Schiller, an Apple executive. Apple is usually know to lower the price of their past iPhones instead of making a new one with less features. For example the iPhone 4 is now free with a contract, and the iPhone 4S is $100 with a 2-year contract. The 16GB iPhone 5 remains $200 with a contract. If you asked most people interested in a cheap smartphone, they wouldn’t need all the features of the newer model. In addition to this, software updates are also available!

Kirk Yang, a Barclays analyst, recently published a report stating that despite the denial coming from Apple, there will be a cheaper iPhone released in August or September, alongside the new iPhone 5S. It’s predicted that with the budget iPhone being released on China Mobile, it will have TD-LTE support. Manufacturer Pegatron has allegedly been called in to build the device.

Releasing this iPhone may be Apple’s way of going after budget Android phones. I think now Apple understands not everyone needs the latest and greatest!


3 thoughts on “Cheap iPhone Rumored for August/September Release Alongside iPhone 5S

  1. I hope Apple doesn’t make a cheap iPhone. Though I’m not an Apple fan, I know they are known to produce quality products. Making a cheap iPhone, though making them more money, would take a toll on their reputation. Do they want to get into the race to the bottom, or do they care about their name. Recent trends are telling me they are doing what they can to survive, meaning that others are a threat to them.

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