“If you could, would you take a 6 month journey to outer space? All exclusive and paid.” Asked on GearPop
Though this question is short, it was the reply that got me to thinking deeper about this question. One person replied to this post saying something about them going to mars. This made me thing of the Project Mars One. Mars One is a project where we will send up humans to the Planet Mars, and they will live there for the rest of their lives, making discoveries about the planet, and telling us back on Earth all about life on Mars. This sounds like a Science Fiction dream, but this may happen.
     I recently talked to my physics teacher about this project, and he shot it down faster than I would have thought. According to him, he doesn’t believe many humans would dedicate their lives to this project, and live up to the hassle of gearing up every time they wanted to go outside. I believe the opposite, and think that mad scientist from the movies die for their research. So, why not dedicate your life to a project that could possibly let humanity colonize the planet Mars?
     Would I go to Mars, or outer space for 6 months? As of now, no, I wouldn’t. The time is not right, because this is the beginning of the beginning for life elsewhere. There’s no internet, technology, entertainment or anything that gives life meaning out there as of now.

One thought on “Space

  1. Colonizing Mars is actually a bad idea, because (1) the small gravity, which has detrimental effects on health (detoriation of bone tissue); (2) low economical feasability, how would such project be funded? Mars colonization programs will be expensive and require external investments, which means the necessity of profits. How would a Mars colony generate enough revenue in order to make a good return on investment?

    Some people will argue that Mars might become a minning site for rare mineral resources. However from an economical point of view is asteroid mining much more attractive, because (1) asteroids are easier to reach, since such mission require less energy; (2) Martian escape velocity is half that of Earth, whilst asteroidal escape velocities are neglible.

    Instead of colonizing Mars, we should colonizing free space by using space habitats, build from asteroidal material. And by exporting extra-terrestrial resources we can establish a wealthy new high-tech civilization.

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