T-Mobile Continues Advertising War With AT&T


In recent ads AT&T completely ripped T-Mobile’s network. Well, now T-Mobile is firing back! T-Mobile has put out some humorous advertisements about AT&T. As you can see above you, “If AT&T thought our network wasn’t great, why did they try to buy it?”, was mentioned in one of the ads. Obviously, certain companies don’t always remember their past!

Even though it’s not always nice to see companies fighting, T-Mobile could improve their network a little bit. For example they will be the last of the four major companies to implement 4G LTE, which is kind of sad for this day and age. T-Mobile advertises 4G, but it’s still not 4G LTE.

We’ll just have to see how this turns out! How will AT&T respond? Let me know what you think in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “T-Mobile Continues Advertising War With AT&T

  1. 🙂 Tha’t a pretty funny Ad. But still, though they offer only 4G, they do have unlimited data.

  2. Wouldn’t you rather have your cell phone carrier paying YOU to be their advertiser in every day social situations? My carrier does and I only pay $49/month for unlimited data, talk and text… actually with the few referrals I’ve given them they actually pay me back $20 soon to be $30 per month. Let’s calculate – Phone Bill $49 minus $20 = $29 +tax soon to be $19+tax. Are you paying too much? No contract. No set up fee. Just enroll and get your SIM card. E-mail me for more info: tomaraanne@yahoo.com

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