Gaming on Mac?

So i have a question for anyone who can link me the answer or just answer it. I just got a mac and i might try pc gaming on it at some point, but everywhere i go, i have to download the game onto my mac… Some games like call of duty black ops are 18GB! that would take me like 3 days to download. So my question is.. Can you buy disk copies of games for macs like you can do for pc’s at places like gamestop? or is everything download off the app store and steam? I would love to hear back form someone” Gologet – Gearpop

An excellent question that I found on gearpop. So as many people know, there are not many games specifically written to OS X. That’s because the games take longer to make, and less people use a Mac than Windows computers. Another reason that gaming is not popular for Mac is that the Mackintosh computers cost a ton of money, and average people are not willing to spend a fortune to play games on a computer. Anyway to the question. You can play games on a Mac. There are few games for the Mac, and yes the games will be installed on your computer. This is the same thing for Windows also, even if you buy a disc. When you get a disc, the game is still installed on your computer, and you will need the disc I believe to play the game. (correct me if I’m wrong).

The thing I suggest for you, if you are serious about playing games on your computer and you don’t want to get a new computer, what you can do is still get Windows on your Mac. This will enable you to play all the games you will want to play on Windows while still having your Mac. You can then buy the games as disc too and use them too.

However, if all the games you want to play are already on your Mac, and you don’t find a need for Windows, then I would suggest you get a external hard drive and install all the games on the external drive. This would greatly expand the storage for your computer.


One thought on “Gaming on Mac?

  1. Hey! Interesting article, thanks! Thinking about the reader’s question, the size of the download will be the same problem for both Macs and PCs. Nowadays, most people buy digital versions of the games because it’s easier but you have the size problem. However, you can still get mac games on disc at places like, but it gets harder and harder…

    Hope this helps!

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