Installing Cooler Master Stick Flow Fans

These fans, upon looking for cool looking fans for the project Vishera computer build were a great find. For the price, and with my case, I just had to buy two of these fans for just under $20.00 USD. These fans keep my computer cool, they light up blue, and they should never die on me, they get up to 100,000 hours of revolutions, which for how I use this computer is just perfect.

So far with these fans I have a couple of problems with them, but they are not crazy bad that I would not recommend them. Surely for the price, I would recommend them. One problem was during the installation. As you may be able to see from the video, it’s hard to screw the screws from the case to the fans to attach them to the frame of the front of the case. This is because on the fans, the place where the screws to go, are not threaded, meaning it’s just a hole, with no turning things that guide the screw into the frame of the case correctly. So during installation I find it hard to install them. In face not all the screws will fit on the case with it being able to close. As of now, three of the screws are on the fan – holding it in place to the front frame of the computer. This is the only way I can make them fit without screwing them in the hardest – which is something I would never recommend doing with any computer build. So, nothing too major, but now let’s get to the annoying part.

Another flaw that I find in the fan’s, at least I think it is these fans is the annoying sound they make sometimes. During light usage of the computer, sometimes it may make a rattling sound like there is a loose screw somewhere. A little tap on the frame, and this goes away, so it may be the case, or it may be the fan’s – I never checked because this is minor, and rarely happens.

So – Would I recommend these? Yes. I would recommend these because they are good for the price, and they look cool. They have few problems, but nothing that would really make you not want to get them. You can get these in Blue, clear, or green I believe, and they are $7.99 each as of the date of this post.


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