Step Down, Proceed to Future

As of today, one of our writers has respectfully stepped down from SFI to proceed onto self projects. So, as of now, this is just me writing on this website, until one steps up and applies to write for SFI. Though, now that I have everything to write, content is going to be different. I had never anticipated the content on this website to be anything having to do with the news, or sharing information about technology current events, but in a way the contents steered that way because different writers have different things they like to write about. I was okay with this, I just wanted to attract attention to my website – to gain something more; in terms of followers. But this has not yet worked.

See I have a very different approach when it comes to sharing information; and certainly a different approach when it comes to sharing information on the web. What most of my peers are doing is all the same. Some are becoming more successful for some reason than others. I’m certainly okay with my peers being ahead of me, because their approach of one thing is going to be different than mine. My direction is much different than my peers; and here’s why.

My peers have dreams of being the next “TechnoBuffalo”, where people will make them; their soul way of receiving information. Reviews, unboxings, and news within technology is where they want to end up. For me, it’s completely different. SFI is merely a project. I have no intention of proceeding into a long term commitment for SFI, meaning that someday – SFI will be inactive; sold, or moved into something completely new with a different intention, audience and purpose.

But as of now this is where I want to go with SFI. I want to continue to make this open to the community for postings and jobs. Active writers will be paid for posting for SFI. I will continue to use instead of because as I said, SFI is merely a project for me – and is not a commitment for me to put forth full time. I want to innovate with the content that I produce to SFI, meaning I still do want to better the “Let’s Play’s”. The content being produced by me will vary from time to time, and may be limited. I no longer want to post news updates. I’m sure many can care less about the news, because there are a thousands of sites that want to do the same thing, and there’s more growing every day. Instead, from time to time I will share information about my opinion about important things within technology. I want to continue to try to do computer builds, because I have a passion for building computers, and computer components. I still offer the free building service for computer builds. Read more on the build’s page. I want to get a giveaway going soon. Stay tuned.


8 thoughts on “Step Down, Proceed to Future

  1. Great post, Curtis! I really like the direction SFI is headed in. I might email you about something relating to both of our blogs. Keep up the good work, and you’ll be really successful!

  2. Following instructions for new give away… 😉

  3. I believe I’ve already left a comment, but that was before the giveaway was announced.

  4. Giveaway entry. Good luck to all!

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