Asus M6A97 Motherboard Installation

The Asus M5A97 is a AMD AM3+ compatible motherboard. I chose this specific motherboard over other motherboards for a few reasons. One being that Asus has very good reviews on their motherboards, and I respect that about them. I like to buy my computer parts from trusted retailers, so I know that if there is ever something wrong, I am covered; and if there is never anything wrong, well, then I know that’s a good sign. I tend to lean towards Asus over other brands just because of brand loyalty. Now, I’m not much of a fanboy of Asus, but I respect them for innovation and openness in technology. Another reason I chose this motherboard over other motherboard is because price. At just under $100, I can have everything I need to make Project Vishera a reality. The motherboard is fairly new, comes with USB 3.0 – Which I have yet to actually use. The only downside I can actually say about this motherboard is that it does not support SLI, which is using 2 Nvidia graphics cards together. The motherboard however only supports crossfire, which is using 2 AMD or ATI graphics cards together. I read online that AMD graphics cards have much less support than the Nvidia cards, so I basically wanted to be 100% sure it was going to work so I went with Nvidia. However, some AMD cards work, and if I ever need 2 graphics cards in this machine, the good part about building your own system, you can do what you want with it.

If you built your own system, share your build and specs. Leave a comment below, then check out if there is a giveaway going on at the top of this page! Thanks for reading, and sharing!


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