What Was Your First Operating System?

     “What was your first operating system?” – Asked on Lockergnome

This was a very popular question that I found on Lockergnome and I thought it would make a good post for me to make on my site, explaining my first computer that I used. My first computer was a very old computer, though I don’t know which one it was. I know it was a PC of some sort, and it was a very old version of Windows. It was a all in one computer, looked like a iMac G4 computer, but you know, very old PC looking.

I can remember this computer to this day. My experiences with the computer are very bad to tell the truth. It was the slowest computer I have used. One thing I can remember in particular was trying to play games on the internet with it, and just how slow it was. It may have had 1 FPS while playing video games. I was little at the time and would enjoy going to the Disney website to play games with the good shows they had back in the day like lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens, Ahh the good old days.

Anyway, these games on the computer I used were horrible. I would take literally about an hour to race around the track that should take 3 minutes. After I got the second computer I ever had a Windows XP computer I could do things a lot quicker than ever before. XP and I have a lot of memories, lots to viruses, LimeWire, and taking it to the computer repair shop to fix my problems. This doesn’t happen anymore, because I gained some common sense now and how to use computers properly. My first computer, running a version of windows was bad. But if I were to have this computer today, I would really enjoy it because that would mean I get to do some tinkering with the computer and run a version of Linux on the computer. I do really like Linux, and would greatly enjoy a project where I can get a hold of a old computer and tinker with older versions of Linux.

So, readers, what was your first operating system or computer that you ever used? Please let me know in the comments section below. What did you like or dislike about your first experiences? Also please share this article on your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or anywhere else you can to help this site grow. The more community I have, the more I want to write, and come up with more projects and services for all of you. I have an excellent project in mind, a very big one at that, that I hope all of you will love. Also, check the top pages to see if there is a giveaway going on right now. Giveaways can range from a Amazon gift card to something bigger than that. Thanks for reading.


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