Apple Attempt to Low End iPhone in 2013

Post submitted by Emerson.

Apple is known for making their new iPhone’s to be made out of the top of the market materials. But you would think since you pay up to $800, the phone would be worth every penny. But what if they make a $400 iPhone? how well made do you think it would be?

Ever since smartphones have blow up over the past 2 years, apple has been competing for the #1 spot on the market. Most people around the world saw the revolutionary iPhone 4, then they saw the iPhone 4S which is right now, apple best selling phone that they have ever made. Since the release of the iPhone 5, people keep says “Don’t spend your money, there will be a 5S any time this year.” Well these people could be right. Apple has had talk that they would make the “low-end” iPhone. But what is the “low-end”?? Well apple executives said that if there was so be the lower end phones, they would be essentially iPhone 5’s but with a plastic house and no retina. So it would essentially feel like an iPhone 3GS i assume. But would you still pay for a $400 phone? Apple also stated that there would be a “line” of phones. This could mean that apple will release the iPhone 5S and at the same time, they would release maybe 1 or 2 low-end phones. A perfect example of this is the good old iPad mini. The iPad mini was the make it or break it idea that let people who wanted the iPad but couldn’t afford it. Apple guesses that if they do send out these “low-end” iPhone 5S phones, they could make up to 22 billion by the end of 2014. Think of this as the iPad mini, people who cant afford the new iPhone will now or could have the alternative. It could be an amazing move by apple, so long as the phones do stay affordable. Keep your eye’s peeled around June – July and see if they make the big step forward in the smartphone era


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