You ever wonder about the other keyboards out there? Probably not because that is what you were accustomed to. From the beginning of time, or the beginning of you using computers, you have used the QWERTY keyboard. This is basic on pretty much every computer in the world. Why is this? Well to answer this in short, your too lazy to learn to do it a better way. Like many Americans, we are just too used to one way, even though that there is a better way to do it. For example, the US customary system. Not even I an American understands it, which is sad. I clearly understand the metric system, but not a clue about the our own system.

What makes the Dvorak keyboard better than the QWERTY? Well, take a gander upon the picture above. Notice that the vowels are all on the left side, the continents are on the left side. This makes faster alternative between your fingers making you a faster typist. Also notice that the main letters you ever use are all in the main row. This means less movement, and less strain on your hands altogether, add all this up, you get faster typing.

Now… Why did I decide to make the switch? Well after making so and so post here on this website, I notice after a lot of typing my hands would start to hurt, and I would have to take a break from the computer. My hands are always out of control when I type, all over the keyboard. I could not type a letter without looking at the keyboard, because I am not a touch typist. With the lack of Dvorak keyboards out there and the price of them, most people who actually want to make the switch just use the keyboard they currently have. This is the approach that I am taking because I have other things to buy other than a keyboard. This is also what I recommend too because it will force touch on you, so you don’t become one of them peoples that hunt for every key. I have made the switch, though it will take a while to get up to speeds and start from scratch again, getting muscle memory set to Dvorak I know that it will be for the greater good.


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