Are E-Ink Readers Dying?

“First Barnes & Noble introduced Free Fridays, offering a selection of free e-Books for owners of its Nook tablet devices. Then the company added free apps to Free Fridays. Now, the company is offering free E-Ink devices, giving away a Simple Touch to anyone who purchases a Nook HD+ tablet tomorrow through the end of the month.

Are E-Ink-based readers such as the Simple Touch and the original Kindle on their way to becoming obsolete? Will they make a comeback once color E-Ink makes its way into more devices?” Asked on Lockergnome.

This is a really good question to be asking right about now. I’ll give you my honest opinion about tablets, and E-Ink devices and weather or not I think they are dying. Like most people, if they have a book that they want to read, and they are sure that they want to read the book on their tablet, weather or not it’s an iPad, Android Device or a Windows tablet, they will buy the book in one of the stores that are offered, Google Play, iBooks, Kindle Store or any others. The same thing will with the people with the E-Ink displays, they will buy their books in these stores too. The only difference between the way you will be reading is the device that you are reading it on.

To some people, a regular tablet will just do fine when it comes to reading, but for others, a E-Ink display is a must, and the thing that determines the difference between the two is how the reader reads. Take me for an example. I do not read too much, when I do, it is usually for school, and I buy the book that we are reading because it is less of a hassle for me to bring my book to school every day. I am not one who is always reading a book, but for those who are bookworms, an E-Ink display is a must. For some people, the ones who really enjoy reading, the ones who spend hours in books in a given period of time, E-Ink displays are the devices to get. So, why is this? The reason for this is because of the display. The devices do not use a LCD display that can damage your eyes, or strain them for a long period of time. So, that’s why I recommend, if you are looking at the device for a long time, for hours at a time, you will want an E-Ink display because there will be less strain. However, if you are an average reader, who might spend about an hour or so in a book a day, you won’t need a new device just for reading, which in conclusion may be why E-Ink devices are in fact dying.

More and more people are buying tablets these days. That’s the new thing, and some people might be in the mind set that because they have a new tablet that can do just about everything that a laptop can do, there will not be much of a point in getting another tablet that can only do only do one thing. It just doesn’t seem appealing to them to get a specific device for a specific need, when they have a tablet in front of them that does more, therefore making them choose not to buy a reader. I was in the same predicament here, and I chose not to buy a E-Ink device because I had a tablet that does everything I need it to do.

How about you. What do you think of E-Ink devices compared to tablets? What are your thoughts about them? Do you agree or disagree with me? Please let me know in the comments section below. Also if you want, check to see if there is a giveaway going on right now. You can check this on the top of the page.


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