First Impressions of Windows 8


So, I’ve done it. I’ve gotten Windows 8. A year ago, I would have been shocked by my purchase of this operating system, but I came to the realization that Linux is no longer able to do what I want it to do anymore. I will write a follow up post about why I switched from Linux to Windows in another article, but for this one, I will just stay on topic of my impressions of Windows 8.

When I first bought Windows 8, I thought that I would end up getting annoyed with the modern UI in a arrow environment. After using Windows 8 for a while now, I noticed that I was never even in the modern UI, so there was nothing I can complain about. In the beginning I thought that I would have to install a start button to make it look like windows 7, bit I found that that start menu was a lot quicker to do things than the button. Things are bigger, they stand out more and it’s a cleaner interface. More things can fit on the start menu than the button, and even if that gets full, you can just type in the specific application you need. No need to see a text box, or have it highlighted, just do it and it works. But this may hinder some people, because of the lack of visual things going on the screen. Windows 8 has a lot of this, but when you understand it all, things become a lot easier.

Windows 8 is Windows 7, just with some different looks. I believe that is one way that Microsoft is putting it. “A new look for Windows” and I think it is a good look for future computing. This passed year, Microsoft has received rave reviews by tech reviewers, for some of the littlest things that I myself am not finding any problems with. Just watch a few videos on Windows 8 and you will know what I mean. To understand the argument, you must hear both sides, no matter how much bigger one side is over the other.

First things first:

The first thing that I did when I installed Windows 8 was make sure windows was up to date. As with any computer you get, weather this will be a Mac, or Linux computer, you want to make sure this is up to date, to fix the main bugs with the operating system. It’s logical. But with Windows, you also need to make sure that the drivers are up to date. With many Linux computers you do not need to do this, maybe someday, Windows will be able to recognize the hardware, and software for the hardware, and update it along with Windows updates. That would make things a little bit simpler, but still updating drivers is very easy. Right click on the desktop, and select the graphics card options, and there you go, just click on update. As for me it was just that easy. It took me right to the website for the download, and I downloaded it and installed it, and was done. That’s two things I’ve done, and now the computer was ready for use. I started web browsing, and looking for software that I can use for the computer. I found LibreOffice which is a alternative to Microsoft Word, but a free version at that. I found DxTory, which is a software that records video games. I’m not sure yet weather or not I will be making gaming videos, as I am not an interesting person at all. At least not like many of the successful gamers out there who make videos. But if it’s requested by people, I’ll be up for it. I also found some of the Microsoft software that is really useful that I had on my Windows 7 laptop. These are, Expression Encoder 4 (Which I used to make the video below) Windows movie maker, and Photo Gallery. Lastly was Steam. Originally I built this computer to play games like Skyrim, but I made the mistake of installing Linux on the computer with high hopes that Linux was moving fast to be getting the big titles. Apparently not, even considering that Mac doesn’t have the biggest titles like Skyrim, or Battlefield. Windows is still king of gaming. But Hopefully Linux is going to be making a huge push for gaming with Valve focusing on Linux to get away from Windows.

Overall my impressions of Windows are great. I am so far loving this operating system, but I still have not had the full experience with it as I do not have a touch screen computer. Maybe someday I’ll get a monitor for that, but until then, I am happy with a stable operating system.

If you have Windows 8, tell me about it, I would love to hear some feedback from other people. Check above to see if there is a giveaway going on!


3 thoughts on “First Impressions of Windows 8

  1. Often, if you give it a little time, Windows Update will actually prompt you to download new drivers for your devices, including graphics cards. It’s just that most people actually simply turn off Windows Update since it can interrupt you while you’re working or gaming.

  2. Also, I find Windows 8 to be perfectly usable with a mouse and keyboard, once you get used to hot corners. Microsoft built in interaction mechanics for touch, mouse and keyboard users. It just takes a bit of experimentation and learning. I’ll hit you up on twitter with a link to a Win 8 app that includes tons of Win8 shortcuts.

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