CPUID – How Hot is Your PC Running?

This is more of a follow up post the the post that I wrote last week about Folding; a software that you can run on your computer to cure cancer. I want to get a bit more in depth with my computer build with this post also. CPUID for me has been the best software to use to on my machine to regulate my computers temperature. After running the FAHCore on my computer for a few days, running my computer at full power; 100% CPU and 100% GPU for days straight, I wanted to know if my processor ever got hot. I always checked to feel the heat out of the fans, and it the computer never kicked up the fans, and it never blew out hot air, which made me curious. I went looking for software that can tell me the temperature of my system. I took a picture of this software in action and got the results. Take a look:


As you see with my Windows 8 machine, after days of running the computer 100% power, the CPU has never made it passed 40C which is strange in my opinion. I hear of some systems sunning at 50C+ and thought that running my computer like that would do the same, but it doesn’t. It’s strange to me, but I’ll live with it. Also, if you look more closely, this software can tell you much more than your CPU temperature. It can detect the fans RPM (Revolutions Per Minute). Mine is set at about 4500 for the CPU, which is kind of high in my opinion. Considering that a HDD standard is about 7200, and that’s really fast. The software also tells you about the voltage of your components, HDD temperatures, and the GPU Graphics, which mine never go beyond 30C.

Overall I believe I have a solid built computer, it definitely turned out better than I expected. You have any software you feel like is worth sharing? You can Apply to write for SFI, or you can just write a guest post, either or, I love to share content with people, but am busy at times.


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