Bing and Why I Use It

Today, I decided to ask myself a question considering there are still search engine wars going on, and Microsoft is always pushing the “Bing it on” challenge to people, saying that they offer the best search engine of everyone else. I use bing all the time and it is not because I believe it is a superior search engine in terms of results; though the search engine does give good results, just not as good as Google, who has always been leading the search engine since the began in 1998.

In my opinion, bing offers good and relative search results, but for a user like me, who is connected with a lot of Google services like Google Plus, Youtube and many more, Google should be the choice of search engine’s for me, but there is one feature about bing that beat’s Google and that is the reason I use bing over Google in many cases. Microsoft has a bing rewards program when you search with their search engine. This means as I search with bing, I gain credits. I would earn one credit for every two searches I do; when I gain enough credits, I can use these to get myself a gift card, enter sweepstakes, or even buy you Mom some flowers for mothers day. I usually buy myself a $5 Amazon gift card when I have enough points.

I made the switch almost a year ago to bing, and throughout this year I have made about $35.00 USD in Amazon gift cards just by searching with bing. To me, this is just free money because to me, it doesn’t matter what search engine I use, as long as they are giving me good results, I’ll be happy, and if they are paying me to use the search engine, it’s just one more benefit outweighing the shortcomings of it’s rivals.

bingrewardsAs you can see from the picture above, I have a total lifetime credits of 3,429 and am a Gold member of bing rewards. Being a gold member will reduce the amount of credits it will cost to redeem a prize on bing rewards. It will cost me 475 credits for a $5 Amazon gift card. Take 3,429 / 475 = 7.27 Which is the number of times I redeemed a prize worth that much. Then multiply that by 5 for the gift card, and that’s $36.00; just for making a switch to using bing, which isn’t bad, I’m fine making a little bit of money for that.

One other thing I do like about bing is the homepage. As with Google, they like to have a homepage that is not crammed with anything. That is how the became so successful when they were starting out, because they weren’t advertising useless crap to its users, and they had a clean page with no advertisement. I think that is a good strategy, but I also like where bing has gone, and they change their homepage everyday, with a picture that you can download and use as your wallpaper. All these images are high quality pictures, and some are really interesting. You can learn more about the picture and it’s landscape by clicking over on the icons on the picture. There will be four for every picture every day. See the image below this paragraph? The thing I like about this homepage over Google is that they will tell me what is trending in searches right now. We all like to know what is trending in the world and I think this is a really useful feature to have. I see something I’m interested in, I’ll click on it to read more, Google however does not have a trending link on it’s homepage unless it’s a serious matter, like with the shootings that have been going on in America lately. You can also see from the picture below, by the bing rewards tab there is another link. When you click on this one you will gain one credit and usually this is something specific about the day it is. For mothers, they will give you a link telling you about mothers day, and possible the best place to buy flowers. I think this is a useful feature to have, as you can learn about the days of the year.

Overall yes, I still love Google, and will always be a fan of theirs. But I’m not afraid to admit that bing has some better features than Google by them paying me to use their search engine. That’s really the selling point for me, and if Google were to do something like this, wow, would I quickly make the switch back to Google. What search engine do you use? After reading this, will you give bing a try? Let me know, leave a comment below, I would love to hear about it. If you want to join bing rewards, please use this link, as it is my referral link and will help me gain a few credits for telling you about this. Thanks for reading.



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