Samsung Moves to Intel?

The latest rumors are that Samsung is going to be ditching the ARM based Tegra processor used in previous generations of the Galaxy tab 10.1 line and be moving to using a Intel based Clover Trail processor. This would be a big step up as an Intel chip would have much more power than an ARM based chip, making this a much more powerful Android tablet. Playing mobile games on a tablet with an Intel chip would making the experience while playing flawless. I believe this is a good move for Samsung as Intel processors have proven to be very versatile chips being used in many new machines. But wheres the love for AMD? Maybe this is just coming from AMD fan, but I believe that AMD is doing some cool things with their new A4-10 processors. Anyhow, this will be a big win for Intel, as many more units Intel processors will be used, taking a little away from the ARM based processors. Maybe this is the beginning of using more powerful processors in Slate type devices, making them a go to computer solution for more people.

What are your thoughts on Samsung moving to the Intel based processors? How do you think that this will change the market for other tablets?


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