Hi! I’m @Jak_Tech

Hi, my name is Jak Tech! I am new to SFI. But I have a different style as to blogging that other bloggers have. But I won’t get to in-detail about that now. I will tell you about my self.

In the beginning Late 2012 l decided to start a tech blog, with no knowledge about WordPress or blogger. I signed up for free hosting and installed WordPress. I didn’t know what I was doing back then, but I think I was doing good! When I posted my first blog, I felt so proud! It is a great feeling to know that one day someone read your blog! It may not feel like your getting any users, but you might be!

I then started to encounter problems with my blog and it got hacked! (Woop deedoo!) I was not happy about this, but been the way I was back then I just reopened it. This happened for 3 more times then the hosting provider was like hey what? Get out!

I then decided to create another blog, but at other times help other blogs by blogging. I wanted to be a good journalist and I really wanted to be famous for doing blogging, a passion of mine now. I didn’t want to just focus on tech on my blog I wanted to do more then tech. I thought of a name @RevInfinite

SFIndustries Iv always liked this blog. I visit it every week, now look here! I’m blogging. This is what I said before in my last paragraph about helping others. I’m not blogging for SFIndustries to rub it in your face, I wanted to do it for my passion of blogging! I’ll always view SFI as an amazing ride! I understand their will be ups and downs, but that makes me more happy to take a challenge and fix it.

What do I do? I am a passionate computer enthusiast. Iv always had this interest for computers and how they work. I remember last year checking out the inside of that case! I was amazed, but i knew I had something to do! I upgraded the ram from 512mb to 1gb. It isn’t the fastest, but it works! It runs xp. But when XP went corrupt, I got a 7.49gb hard drive that was running xp but I formatted it and put Ubuntu on it for a change of pace… That only lastest me 2 weeks before fixing my xp harddrive using my mums computer. I was so glad to be back to XP.

I’m also not sure if you just saw me type “Mum” I didn’t write Mom. I’m not an American! I’m Australian and proud! I want to upgrade my Acer PowerF1 to a Surface Pro. It’s an express computer you don’t need 3 plugs for. Only 1!

But yes, I have gone through a lot of ups and downs but that’s only the start!

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@Jak_Tech @RevInfinite
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One thought on “Hi! I’m @Jak_Tech

  1. I’m happy to have Jak as a writer. Looking for other writers, if interested, tweet me.

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