AMD Sponsorship

{a7f9fe52-d941-4ca4-b80b-4949942cc094}_banner-a-seriesAfter watching a video by Chris Pirillo on the Lockergnome YouTube channel, I was informed about the AMD fan community. I decided to have a look at this community, as I had recently built a computer that is powered by an AMD processor, and motherboard. I was able to sign into the website using my Facebook account, and instantly upon viewing the site, I knew this truly was a fan club for AMD users. The website is heavily driven by its community and not just by AMD employees. On this website, users are able to upload reviews, videos, pictures, and updates to the website for everyone to read. Sharing each others content is a big part of this website, as when you share content, you accumulate points for the month. The top 5 people with the most points at the end of the month will win a prize from AMD.

AMD emailed me about an opportunity for a sponsorship. At first I couldn’t believe it, AMD wanted to sponsor me? I read all the guidelines, agreements, terms and conditions for this sponsorship, and they all seem like things that I believe I can accomplish. After signing up, AMD will send me an Email and let me know about the progress into my starter kit. In this kit, it holds computer components and the operating system that is provided by AMD. All the components are sent to me for free, but the catch is, I really have to be involved with the AMD community. Meaning that I will have to record videos of the build, write reviews, and my experiences with the computer. I believe this is a good opportunity for me, because it gives me a push to produce content and information of computer hardware. Hardware is my passion, I plan to study computer engineering in college, and getting sponsored by a hardware company like AMD is just an unpassable opportunity for me. The labor that will be required for a project like this is greater than anything that I have ever done before, but the ¬†results should be worth even more.


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