Mistakes Inspire

cpubentI recently read a story on the AMD community website and I had a similar experience, so I thought that I would share it with the community. A few months ago, back in January I built my first ever computer. My main use for this computer was to play Skyrim. I was so excited that I finally saved up enough money to build a computer. When all the parts came, I was very excited to start this project. I had bought a FX6300 6-Core processor, and I even named my computer “Vishera” because that is the name that AMD codenamed the processor.

Before the build, I have watched so many build videos of people building AMD computers, and it looked really easy to me. The first thing that I started with was the processor, getting the CPU on the board was the easy part, but the heatsink was where all the problems started, because it would just not go on the board. I was applying a decent amount of pressure, way more than I thought that I would ever need. But it would still not go on, so I lifted it up to see if there was

something wrong, or if something was blocking it, and along came the CPU pulling it right out of the socket because I was using the pre applied thermal paste. At this time, my adrenaline rush, as I thought that I had just destroyed a $140 CPU. I had a look at the pins at the processor and got that feeling in my gut that made me speechless. I saw that there were 4 pins that were bent. I tried placing the CPU in the socket very lightly because I knew that if I applied pressure all of them would bend. It wiggled around, and that meant that I had to somehow straighten them out.

This is where I looked online to hear similar stories to mine, and some things I should do to straighten them out. They suggested using a mechanical pencil, a sharp knife, dental floss and a credit card. I tried some of them but the results were not that good. Eventually I thought of using a sewing needle, as its able to fit in there nicely. It was this process where noticed that I was actually having fun. Looking right at the hundreds of pins, all almost perfectly lined up, it was like performing surgery, I knew that if I messed this up, I may be out of a processor. This process of my mistake really made me interested in processors. So, when I eventually got the computer working, I looked into the field of electrical engineering, specifically computer engineering, and this is where I pursue my career next year in college. Who knew that a mistake like this would open me to great new things?


2 thoughts on “Mistakes Inspire

  1. Hey, that’s cool, keep on making mistakes 🙂

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