Dvorak Update


dvorakA long time ago I wrote a article on the Dvorak keyboard, introducing it and telling of how it is superior to other keyboards, because it was made for the new age of computers. The goal of the Dvorak keyboard is to speed up your typing unlike the QWERTY keyboard does, which was invented to slow your typing down. I have been on and off with using the Dvorak keyboard because when I first started I could only type 5 words a minute, because I needed to think about where every letter was when I pressed the button, and the thought process  took time. Writing school papers was becoming a hassle for me, so I had to stop for some time. After school was over, I was safe to be a slow typist again and learn to be a better typist using the Dvorak keyboard. Now that I want to type more to be a better typist, there will be a lot more content on SFI.


 I may not be as fast as I was with the QWERTY but it is a lot more comfortable to type with this keyboard than it the QWERTY. I say this because I was starting to get this pain in my wrist and it made typing unbearable to do. This pain is called RSI, and this is a psychological pain. The more you think about it, the worse it gets. For me it kept getting worse, and it got to the point where I didn’t want to type at all. I then remembered the Dvorak keyboard, and how it is suppose to make typing more comfortable and make the strain not happen while typing, so I decided to make the switch again, and since then I tried my best to not use anything else, and just use dvorak. In a few months, I will be up to my old speed again, and maybe even faster. But the good thing is that there is no more pain with typing anymore.


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