Does being part of a youtube network make it easier to get review units?

Answers: Does being part of a youtube network make it easier to get review units?

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social-networkIn short, I do believe that being part of a YouTube network does make it a lot easier to get review units. However, with this said, no matter what, if you are starting on YouTube and you only have a handful amount of Subscribers, it will still be very hard to get review units. As TechnoBuffalo puts it, you have to keep trying, because you will get rejected about 95% of the time you ask for a review unit from a company. But as you continue to ask around and better your channel with more content, and higher quality content, the chances of you getting that review unit are higher. The thing is to not give up because of rejection. If you truly love what you are doing, you will continue no matter how many times you get rejected. 

Being part of a YouTube network where many YouTubers are connected with one another is a great way of connecting with a larger audience, therefore making you grow faster. The more people that watch your content, the more that a company will want to give you a review unit, because they know that many people will see their product on your channel. If you give it a positive review, people may want it, making the company that sent it to you very happy they sent it to you. But be honest when making a review, don’t give a product a good review if it doesn’t deserve it, otherwise your audience will not trust you as much.

As for me, I am not big on YouTube. I am not really good on camera at this point, and I do hope to change this as I will continue my computer builds and posting them on YouTube. I have had some people I know get some review units from companies and they aren’t even part of a YouTube network, they are just making videos on their own. But as many of us say, don’t give up, continue doing what it is you are doing, and you will make it.


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