Windows Blue features

You may or may not of heard… But Windows Blue is the new upcoming upgrade for Windows 8. It will be free as long as you have windows 8 already installed! So let’s take a deeper look into the new upcoming features of Windows Blue!

The start button is coming back! Well it’s bringing back a traditional feature called the start button! It will be in the same place, bottom left corner! But it won’t bring up a windows 7 like menu, it will just take you back to metro.

Here is a photo I saw of the desktop with the start button.


Another feature in Windows Blue is you will be able to select whether your device boots directly into Modern or Arrow interface.

You can customize metro a lot more now! Remember only seeing a bunch of tiles and a pink or a blue background. No more! You can now pick whether you want a colour or a picture. So you don’t have to look at a dull colour. Just look at a photo of your friends, family or your pets!

You can now resize the tiles to your picking, as you may know on some tiles you can have them set to the size that suits Microsoft. It is about time that Microsoft gave us what we been asking for, and that is more customization.
Although resizing menus isn’t be most relevant feature it is a fun customizable feature to always have.

Also with Windows Blue, there will be deeper integration with skydrive built into the operating system. Microsoft is building skydrive right the core of windows blue. So it will be easier to upload to your skydrive.

That’s all the features I know of. But at least you know that Microsoft is listening to its community and doing what it can to make Windows a better operating system.

A few questions I would like to know….
•Why is it called Windows Blue, why not windows red?
•How big is it to download?
•Will something familiar happen with Windows RT?

What would you like to know? Comment below, also shoot @Windows a tweet and @sfindustries of what you would like!


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