My Problems With Ubuntu on my Laptop

To start off I would Like to say that I am a fan of Linux and I really want to see Linux on the desktop be successful, but I have yet to see a Linux Distribution fit to my needs with simplicity, and availability of apps/software. I want to share some experiences that I have with my Ubuntu laptop.ubuntu-10-logo

So to start off I want to share the history that I have had with this computer with the different operating systems that it has undergone. I bought this laptop about 2 or 3 years ago and it was mainly for a average computer for everyday use. That would be writing documents an, browsing the web and watching movies on. This computer came with Windows 7 installed on it. After a while, I discovered Linux and wanted to try it out. I couldn’t use a CD because at the time I didn’t have a CD that was able to write to it and one that was large enough for the operating system. So I went to the next best thing, and that was to install it right along with Windows 7. I did just that, and for the longest time, Ubuntu was my main operating system, until it was getting to the point where it was constantly updating. Now, I like that there are a lot of updates with Linux. This means that there are a lot of people working on the operating system to make sure it is the best that it can be. But when you have a computer that is not that powerful, and every time updates are needed I can’t use the computer. This is because of how underpowered the computer is. If I try to do both at the some time, the computer will crash, meaning that I well have to force the restart.

So that is when I switched back to Windows. To be honest I was happy to be back with Windows, because Windows just works when I need it to, and there are less times where I need to look online to figure out how to fix something. After I got my desktop up and running with Windows 8, I decided to give Ubuntu another shot, excluding my needs for Windows based software and just trying to use it as a regular day laptop. I managed to do a lot, and didn’t mind the operating system. Then I tried to update again, while listening to music and, well it crashed and I had to force restart. I guess, what I am getting at is that Linux in general is good for the average user. They can live with it as long as they have the right distribution for their computer. As with me, I feel like I have one that just is too powerful for the computer, as in the computer can’t handle it as well as my desktop.


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