AMD All This Month

amd_logoAs in previous articles I have written with my sponsorship with AMD, this month is all about AMD. I haven’t been as active on SFI as I usually have been. This is because I have been actively engaged in trying out the newly built computer that AMD has sent me, and all this month, I want to share my experiences with the new computer. I will be doing benchmarks as well as try to do a video everyday with my experiences with the new computer, in which that video will be shared on the North American Influencer website, also known as the AMD fan website. The post that will be shared on SFI this month will be reclogged from the AMD fan website, but they will be articles that I have written. Sometime this month, I will also be hosting a Twitter chat, taking your questions if you have any, and talking with people about AMD’s new APU processors. AMD will be involved in this chat, and there will be gift card giveaways as well as a grand prize as well, and that has yet to be announced. Stay tuned, and please share this with the world.


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