4 Reasons Why To Use AMD

For todays post I decided to post about AMD. As you may know here at SFI it is AMD month and some awesome stuff is happening too! But not only are we doing AMD all this month, Curtis @SFIndustries is cool enough to host a giveaway. If you are interested ask @SFIndustries for more info! But let’s get moving on a few reasons why to use AMD!

1. AMD has a amazing community that you can chat to. Not only can you chat to them you can blog about your builds. If you are interested AMD also hosts a few giveaways for this community. This community is called the “North American Influencer”

2. AMD creates amazing products like nobody else, not only do they create products thy put love into what they do and they love why their doing it!

3. AMD has amazing support! If you are having trouble you can visit AMD and they will try to help you!

4. AMD products are affordable but durable. This is one thing that matters when you buy a product.

But if you are trying to hackintosh we are sorry but OS X does not support AMD.

AMD’s Website

@RevInfinite @Jak_Tech


3 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why To Use AMD

  1. Actually there is a way to Hack a Hackintosh to let them use AMD with OS X. Thanks for the article today.

  2. Some tips for the next article, Label the article under AMD and All Post, so the article can also be in the home page. Also, remember to share the article with you social networks. Thanks.

  3. Oh yeah, I also wanted to say that you should use pictures when you post an article.

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