This is my dream project for sharing content online; especially tech news and computer hardware. I love computer hardware, and computers in general, and would love to share the new, news, good, and bad things about the new devices released, along with someday being able to build computers for other people myself. As of now I offer a service where I can build you computers with no labor cost to you. This is to show my commitment and passion for building computers.

As of now, SFI shares tech news from Apple, Google, Microsoft, Games; but we would love to share more than just that. This is why we offer people to post guest post, where any user can submit a article of their choosing; and jobs where you have a schedule to post during the week, these writers will also get paid to write for SFI.

During the weekends I post videos on my Youtube channel of video games, more so “Let’s Play’s” – which is based on a single player game, where I just play through out the game, and talk over the videos. It’s chill, and could be used as a good walkthrough, but would not used as a great source for one, because the games that are being played, is a first time playthrough and I never know where to go, which can take up much time during the videos. It chill, worth watching if you just want to lay back.

Apart from this website, I have a Youtube channel with is used to link the content that I post to this website. On my Youtube channel, I post currently about computer builds, and Linux overviews and reviews. I try to keep a schedule with posting content on Youtube, because I don’t exactly have unlimited resources, but as the run low, new ideas will emerge, and series will begin, making more content for my Youtube.