Mailbox App Now Owned By Dropbox


The new innovative app, Mailbox for iOS, has been acquired by Dropbox. The goal of the Mailbox app was to allow you to check all your emails in a simple manner, to achieve an inbox of ZERO. Continue reading


Volume of Headphones Being Regulated in New York?



We’ve all came across that one annoying guy that likes to blast music into his ears through his headphones, oblivious to everyone else on the street. It’s about time someone put a stop to that!

There’s a new program in New York that will regulate loud music on the streets of the city. Along with the mayor, Michael Bloomberg, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene wants to “better inform and educate New Yorkers about ways to protect hearing from exposure to loud sounds.” This does sound logical because even if you really like your favorite song in 2013, you’ll want to be able hear your favorite song in 2050.

In addition to this, it is kind of rude to have your music way too loud. There are many people with headphones out there and it’s only going to create chaos if you can’t hear anything.

T-Mobile Continues Advertising War With AT&T


In recent ads AT&T completely ripped T-Mobile’s network. Well, now T-Mobile is firing back! T-Mobile has put out some humorous advertisements about AT&T. As you can see above you, “If AT&T thought our network wasn’t great, why did they try to buy it?”, was mentioned in one of the ads. Obviously, certain companies don’t always remember their past! Continue reading

Cheap iPhone Rumored for August/September Release Alongside iPhone 5S


A few sources have reported that Apple is working on a cheaper iPhone to launch with the normal iPhone 5S. Most people with the information believe the cheap iPhone will be on the China Mobile, a major wireless provider in China. They also serve Hong Kong (part of China) and Pakistan. Continue reading