Google Loon

The saying “everyone is on the Internet” isn’t true. Did you know that 2/3 of the world can’t get Internet access? There are other countries in this world that aren’t fortunate enough to have internet access. So having “loon” it could help people access the Internet!

Now say if there is a natural disaster and all the power went out. How would you access the Internet? Why wait a month for lines to go up, when it could only take a week! There was a Loon placed at Christchurch, New Zealand. This was a mature and great act that Google committed. Christchurch has had some severe earthquakes and have suffered seriously with the damages and loss of internet. In times like this, internet is crucial, because people need to make connections with one another, family; friends.

Loons is a smart and innovative project! This is a genius move and it will help the world get online, which is one of Google’s goals. Even if this project fails, they will redo and keep on testing! It can only get better the more they focus on it.

So what do you think about loons? Internet for everyone! Everyone deserves Internet. It is amazing!

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Why is the dislike button needed?

Have you seen videos on YouTube lately…. They have this red “dislike” bar. But is it needed? I don’t think it is, but I have a alternate solution for the like and dislike button!

Baby, Justin Bieber
When Justin Bieber made a song called “Baby” it was the most watched video on YouTube then gangnam style was most watched, but Baby was the most disliked video on YouTube. Now I don’t feel the need to dislike the video, he’s expressing what he thinks is good, but how would you like it if you made a song and it had 2 likes and 98 dislikes. You would feel horrible, you wouldn’t want to do it again. But not only are the dislikes bad, the comments are worse.

But if you make YouTube videos about your hobby or your favorite thing to do; wouldn’t you hate for someone dislike your video? I don’t think it’s fair on Justin Bieber and his fans to suffer people’s comment.

I think that the button should be removed. I know their is the option to disable ratings for a specific video. For example, Did you enjoy the series? Then that could click yes or no. You can also pick the colour! I think this can make the viewer happy, it will make the YouTube created happier.

I think that this is a better way for YouTubers to express to their videos.

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What I Want to See at Google I/O

Google I/O is right around the corner coming up in May 15-17. which happens to actually be my birthday, so I get to see some great things this year, on the perfect date, so thanks Google for having I/O on my birthday. There are some things that I want to go in depth about that I really want to see from Google this year at I/O. The first thing I want to see is a new Nexus device of either the Nexus 7, 10, or even the 4. Though they may not be sticking with those numbers, you should know what I mean. The second thing I want to see at Google I/O is a new version of Android. Though this is basically going to happen there are some things that I really want to see in the new Android that I think are being lacked right now. Lastly the third thing I want to see at google I/O is Google Glass. I am loving the hype of Glass because if the innovation it is setting for everyone out there. Continue reading

ChromeBook Pixel

Earlier this week Google announced the ChromeBook Pixel, a $1,299 Laptop for the Chrome Web Browser. Now why the heck would Google release a computer this expensive? Well let’s take a look at the machine first. The Pixel has beyond a retina display  of 2560-1700 Resolution screen, making it the most PPI (Pixels per inch) laptop on the market to date. Along with the stunning resolution, its built with a touch screen. Continue reading