Computer building is my passion. I love tinkering with computer hardware, and putting components together. Recently I tried to host a campaign on Indiegogo where I would have built a new computer, featuring all unboxing’s & installations here on this website, writing articles and making hardware reviews, and also posting on my Youtube channel. I discontinued the project as it was unsuccessful. Maybe another time in the future.

Building Service:

I offer a free service where I could build you a computer. All you need to do is fill out this forum, giving all required information. I will get in contact with you, by phone , and then we can discuss more about the computer, what you will use it for, shipping, and payments. The building labor will be FREE an I want to show my compassion with building computers.

Recent Projects:

Recently, I built my own computer. I named her Vishera 6300. Any guess why? I use a AMD 6 Core processor; which AMD code named “Vishera”. At first, I installed Ubuntu Studio with the Xfce interface. I fell in love with the speed and user interface of this computer, but as my needs increased for a computer, I had to get Windows 8, to play the latest games, and use the better software. Maybe Vishera will see Linux again.

More information about the project can be found by following this link.