AMD All This Month

amd_logoAs in previous articles I have written with my sponsorship with AMD, this month is all about AMD. I haven’t been as active on SFI as I usually have been. This is because I have been actively engaged in trying out the newly built computer that AMD has sent me, and all this month, I want to share my experiences with the new computer. I will be doing benchmarks as well as try to do a video everyday with my experiences with the new computer, in which that video will be shared on the North American Influencer website, also known as the AMD fan website. The post that will be shared on SFI this month will be reclogged from the AMD fan website, but they will be articles that I have written. Sometime this month, I will also be hosting a Twitter chat, taking your questions if you have any, and talking with people about AMD’s new APU processors. AMD will be involved in this chat, and there will be gift card giveaways as well as a grand prize as well, and that has yet to be announced. Stay tuned, and please share this with the world.


Facebook App Review

Do you ever need to go onto Facebook? Especially for those powercuts on Facebook chat or just a good ol’ hi or bye. Well the Facebook app Doesn’t just do the hi and byes, you can use Facebook app to view people’s profiles and comment. But I want you to read this post about the Facebook app.

Timelines. Timeline is a sort of a new feature, but it’s been around for 2 years. Facebook have said we don’t want to leave out the mobile like most apps do. So they integrated timeline. You can view people’s profiles all the way like on the desktop version of Facebook.

A good way to chat. When you go select someone to chat to and you escape it dosent entirely mean its done. It leaves bubbles. The bubbles are on the side of your screen and it fits in with the app so well it dosent clog all the space.

Groups and Pages management. Facebook isn’t a app for managing pages, but it does it well enough. With Facebook you can create a group and manage it. If you can’t get onto desktop Facebook using this feature for a page/group is handy.

Feel free to buy it off the AppStore for $0 which means its free!
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Google Loon

The saying “everyone is on the Internet” isn’t true. Did you know that 2/3 of the world can’t get Internet access? There are other countries in this world that aren’t fortunate enough to have internet access. So having “loon” it could help people access the Internet!

Now say if there is a natural disaster and all the power went out. How would you access the Internet? Why wait a month for lines to go up, when it could only take a week! There was a Loon placed at Christchurch, New Zealand. This was a mature and great act that Google committed. Christchurch has had some severe earthquakes and have suffered seriously with the damages and loss of internet. In times like this, internet is crucial, because people need to make connections with one another, family; friends.

Loons is a smart and innovative project! This is a genius move and it will help the world get online, which is one of Google’s goals. Even if this project fails, they will redo and keep on testing! It can only get better the more they focus on it.

So what do you think about loons? Internet for everyone! Everyone deserves Internet. It is amazing!

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Sponsorship Confirmed

amdshipIt has been confirmed now, I have got the sponsorship from AMD and they are now sending me a computer for free. This means great things for SFI, because I will do what I can to make the best content that I can with what I have. I will try to do as many reviews as I can over all the parts of this computer. I look to reviewing this computer to the core, and of course I will be honest. It is part of the agreement that I did with AMD by registering for the computer. I hope, that while I am doing this, making all this content for AMD that I will build a small community to chat more about computers, as computer hardware is my passion. I want to take a moment to thank AMD for giving me this opportunity, and having such a great community behind you. I look forward to having more computers with AMD technology inside.

Please share this post to your social networks, lets all take this opportunity from start to finish with this build, because there is more to come.