Mercury Mobile Browser Review

Are you sick of safari or other web browsers? Don’t want to pay for a browser? Do other browsers not have the features you need? Well mercury should suit you!

Mercury is a browser which is free on the AppStore, it is a nice browser even for the odd google! It has a good friendly user interface (UI) I will give you some awesome features!

You can download photos and videos in the background. Now not much browsers that are free have the option I download, so been able to download is a bonus!

The Adblock feature is a great feature if you want to block ads. In my opinion using a Adblock is very rude and it dosent help the owner. But if you want to can have it on, but by default it’s off.

Now, a unique feature iv never seen in my life of using a iPod is that this web browser can trick websites as to thinking its IE or chrome! Now this is one cheeky feature, but it’s helpful if you want to display desktop sites!

Now mercury is a free app, you can download it for free! Also give it a 5 star, but it deserves 10 stars! It is such a nice browser for free! To get it and remember to give it this!;


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