Facebook App Review

Do you ever need to go onto Facebook? Especially for those powercuts on Facebook chat or just a good ol’ hi or bye. Well the Facebook app Doesn’t just do the hi and byes, you can use Facebook app to view people’s profiles and comment. But I want you to read this post about the Facebook app.

Timelines. Timeline is a sort of a new feature, but it’s been around for 2 years. Facebook have said we don’t want to leave out the mobile like most apps do. So they integrated timeline. You can view people’s profiles all the way like on the desktop version of Facebook.

A good way to chat. When you go select someone to chat to and you escape it dosent entirely mean its done. It leaves bubbles. The bubbles are on the side of your screen and it fits in with the app so well it dosent clog all the space.

Groups and Pages management. Facebook isn’t a app for managing pages, but it does it well enough. With Facebook you can create a group and manage it. If you can’t get onto desktop Facebook using this feature for a page/group is handy.

Feel free to buy it off the AppStore for $0 which means its free!
TL;DR post: http://checktech.x10.mx/facebook-application-review-tldr/

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