My Problems With Ubuntu on my Laptop

To start off I would Like to say that I am a fan of Linux and I really want to see Linux on the desktop be successful, but I have yet to see a Linux Distribution fit to my needs with simplicity, and availability of apps/software. I want to share some experiences that I have with my Ubuntu laptop. Continue reading


Windows Blue features

You may or may not of heard… But Windows Blue is the new upcoming upgrade for Windows 8. It will be free as long as you have windows 8 already installed! So let’s take a deeper look into the new upcoming features of Windows Blue!

The start button is coming back! Well it’s bringing back a traditional feature called the start button! It will be in the same place, bottom left corner! But it won’t bring up a windows 7 like menu, it will just take you back to metro.

Here is a photo I saw of the desktop with the start button.

20130531-221823.jpg Continue reading

First Impressions of Windows 8


So, I’ve done it. I’ve gotten Windows 8. A year ago, I would have been shocked by my purchase of this operating system, but I came to the realization that Linux is no longer able to do what I want it to do anymore. I will write a follow up post about why I switched from Linux to Windows in another article, but for this one, I will just stay on topic of my impressions of Windows 8. Continue reading

The Windows 8 Installation

Hello there. This is mainly a video update, rather than a article to be posted, but I thought I would share with the world that I now have a Windows 8 operating system installed on my computer. I’ll get further into detail in another video and article on why I made the switch from Linux to Windows. Until then, I will be experiencing more Windows 8, playing some games, and making some Windows 8 videos to share with the world.

If you have questions or anything at all, please leave a comment below. Also, check to see if there is a Giveaway going on here at SFI.

What Was Your First Operating System?

     “What was your first operating system?” – Asked on Lockergnome

This was a very popular question that I found on Lockergnome and I thought it would make a good post for me to make on my site, explaining my first computer that I used. My first computer was a very old computer, though I don’t know which one it was. I know it was a PC of some sort, and it was a very old version of Windows. It was a all in one computer, looked like a iMac G4 computer, but you know, very old PC looking. Continue reading